In which I start a blog I don’t need

Not sure how much or if I’ll use this blog, but I wanted to check out  I may end up using this as a link dump site.


6 Responses

  1. Yay nicole’s dump site.


  2. Ummmm what is this site for anyways?

  3. That’s a really good question. Mostly I wanted to try out when it first came online. And now it’s just a stupid abandoned blog. Somewhere out there is another Nicole that wants this address and here I am with it and not using it.

  4. yes, and I am that Nicole! So, please? I want to use it for my ngo work (good things, only good things with it)

  5. please? (same person as axeoxala…) just starting on wordpress

  6. i just started with wordpress..and im quite enjoying it..what to do you mean by ‘dumpsite’? you dont like this blogging site? why? i need answers! haha i just started and i wanna make sure that my writing doesnt go to waste..thanks

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